Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

How to take “purrrfessional” pictures in only 3 steps


Helloooo, helloooooo,  my Polymer clay Addicts :*

I always wondered how do the sellers from Etsy and other handmade online shops, take their pictures of the products…they look so perfect, so enlightened, SO PROFESSIONAL…

I  thought that, for having such pics, you must have either a very cool expensive camera or to pay a professional photograph to do this job. (both are expensiveeee….auchhhhh, my wallet!!!!!!)

But no more!!!! After I discovered this technique…which is FREE, I said “Really?!  Can  it be that easy and cheap?” .  I always knew that we must take the photos of our jewelry on sunlight.  Which is true 100%. There is no better light that the natural light of our beloved Sun.  But it’s not only this. Because even if your camera screen shows you wonderful, enlighted pictures,  on your computer, they look kinda dark…a different result that the one expected.

And here comes the secret. Picassa!!! I must recognize, with shame, that I had this software on my laptop, but I wasn’t very tempted to try it, I considered it a bit low qualified for this job  ( a big mistake from my part) .

While I was trying to take some photos for my future Etsy shop ( stay tunned guys….the best is yet to come ❤ “All Handmade Dreams” Etsy shop is on it’s wayyyyyyyyy ), I realized that the pics are kinda dark. They had the quality, but they were dark.

That day,  I didn’t have the mood to work with Photoshop or with an online software, and Picassa popped in front of my eyes. “Hmmm…let’s see what this software is capable of!!”

And indeed, I wasn’t disappointed..I was so surprised of it.  So easy and time saver.

First, we have the décor. For me is just a white A4 paper.  I raised it, to have like a wall behind my kitties.

The secret is to have a very good light from the Sun. And  try the shadows not to pop on the paper-like on my example 😀 (which is kinda impossible, with our current tools), but at least to find a position, so that the shadow is not that obvious.

This is our sample. The Mad Kitty ….Miauuuu!!!!

all handmade dreams tutorial pics

What do we have to do?

We open Picassa.  A window, like this one, that shows the picture, will appear.

all handmade dreams tutorial

We click on Finely tunned lighting and color fixes.

all handmade dreams tutorial pics

And we play with the fill light and highlights 😀 until we have  the desired result.( I usualy use a bit of “Fill Light” and about half from Highlights.

all handmade dreams tutorial2

And we save ❤ That’s all !!!!!!!!!!!

And here is the result:

all handmade dreams tutorial4

And other kitties posing “purrrfessional”  ❤

Have a great day, surrounded by love. If you have other ideas feel free to share it here. Or even if you try  to take pictures in this way, I would love to see some results ❤

See you next time,

Take Care and I Love You All :*  Without you, I wouldn’t have reached here ❤

all handmade etsy  (1)2

all handmade etsy(18)

all handmade etsy  (2)1

all handmade etsy  (1111)

all handmade dreams tutorialll

All Handmade Dreams ❤


International Women’s Day <3


Keep your dreams big and your aspirations high ❤ Have a wonderful Women’s Day full of love ❤


All  handmade dreams 8th of march

Handmade Kitty Tutorial (✿ ♥‿♥)


Hello, my Polymer Clay Addicts,

Today I am gonna show you how I am doing my kitties. I have different types of kitties…but in particular I love the influence of anime in my art. (you can realize this by their big eyes) .

all handmade dreams 10tut17

Maybe the anime fans knows about “Bleach” and for sure they know about Kon, the lion plush ❤  (the bigger version of the cat ❤ ) hahahahaha. I want to give a try to see if I can make it next week :D. Just can’t  wait ❤


So, let’s start work 😀

What do we need?

Polymer clay ( gold, white, black, brown, carmine, and a combination of carmine and a very small amount of black, just for the colour to get darker)

The colours and their codes, as from FIMO labels

Gold (code 11), Chocolate (code 77), Black (code 9), Carmine (code 29), White (code 0)

all handmade dreams 10tut01

What do we do?

We take the Gold polymer clay, more exactly 1 and ½  line of it. We condition, make a ball and try to pinch it little by little until we get  a tear shape.

all handmade dreams 10tut02all handmade dreams 10tut03

all handmade dreams 10tut04

After, we insert a straight wire in the body, so the connection will be made with the head, and during the  manipulation of the kitty, the body and the head doesn’t separate so easily.

We make the head, of 1 and ¼ line of Fimo. The shape must be approximately the same as in the pictures. After we connect the hear with the body 😉

Tanaaaaa! We have the body of out kitty..

all handmade dreams 10tut05all handmade dreams 10tut06

What comes next is the mouth, eyes, ears ❤

Let’s see how we make it 😀

For ears and mouth, we concentrate on the triangular shape as seen in the pics. Try to get this kind of form, by using the fingertips.

The ears, after we get them the triangular shape,we apply  gentle  lines with a knife or a cutter, all over the ear and we connect it on the head, but before that, we insert again a piece of wire, for the same reason as stated above 😀

all handmade dreams 10tut07all handmade dreams 10tut08

We take the dark version of carmine, a small piece, make a triangle, more or less, and upon it we put  the carmine colour (smaller triangle), as tongue, and we put it on our kitty’s face 😛

all handmade dreams 10tut09

Now the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

all handmade dreams 10tut10all handmade dreams 10tut11

And we apply the eyes on kitty’s face 😀

all handmade dreams 10tut12

Looks dangerous, ehh? hahahaha

 The tail is made of half line of polymer clay. The tail of the kitty was different than I though, hahahaha, by the way the tail was just an experiment. But the basics are the same.

all handmade dreams 10tut13

all handmade dreams 10tut14all handmade dreams 10tut15

So feel free to try. And I would be glad if you try and show to me how what was the result.

Kisses and have fun creating kittens ❤ Super cute kittens ❤

See you next time

All Handmade Dreams

Handmade Kitties ~(=^‥^)ノ


Hey, my Polymer Clay Addicts…I’m so sorry for my absence this period of time, but school demanded more attention than usual 😦 . BUT, this break gave me a sort of idea. I don’t want to say a revelation (even if is what I feel at this right moment, hahahahaha).

The story begins with a kitty, I still didn’t name it…maybe you will help me 😀

All handmade dreams kitty1

So… kittens….those fluffy marshmallows that rolls and scratches and melts your heart at the same time; whenever you see them, you just can’t resist, but  fall inlove (I don’t know if you are crazy about cats, if not, I am for you too hahahaha) <3.

They are so cute and they inspired me a lot.  I love cats, I love animals in general, so now what I am trying to do is to project my passion (I try not to say obsession hahahaha), in a polymer clay form.

This is what I got.

all handmade dreams our baby

All handmade dreams artemis

All handmade dreams kitty 2

All handmade dreams catschips

all handmade dreams kitty21

All handmade dreams I have no idea what I am doing

All  handmade dreams kitty 21 

All handmade dreams the superpowers

Cuteness 100%, and the only thing you can do, is putting them on your desktop,  and they will look after you. Now I make them as little statues for decoration.

So I think I should start saying, “Hello my Kitty Fans” hahahaha ❤

I take pictures of the little decorations, and add  quotes about cats. I think is a nice advertisement, and  a way to show how lovely these creatures are 😀

Next week, new kitties ❤ ❤

Until then,I wish for you lots of love and many hugs :* :*